This Video Of The Mr Blobby Theme Park Will Give You Nightmares

20 August 2017, 19:32 | Updated: 19 September 2017, 18:41

Experience the true horror of “Dunblobbin’” in this bizarre video from the 90s.

Forget the return of Twin Peaks and the remake of Stephen King’s It - we’ve found the most genuinely frightening video of the year.

Everyone remembers Mr Blobby. The pink and yellow “comedic” star of Noel’s House Party in the 1990s, he even had a Christmas number one, for God’s sake.

But do you remember Crinkley Bottom, Noel Edmonds’ series of theme parks, which took advantage of the character’s popularity?

There was one in Morecambe in the North of England, and another in Cricket St Thomas, Somerset. Neither one lasted very long - a mere matter of months - because people weren’t that impressed with a few puppet shows, the odd roundabout and Blobby’s increasingly tired antics. Never mind.

With Edmonds back on TV with the strange gameshow-cum-sitcom Cheap Cheap Cheap, Twitter has unearthed this video shot at the Somerset Crinkley Bottom, including a genuinely disturbing walkround of Blobby’s home “Dunblobbin’”.

Thanks to the limits of the circa-1995 camcorder technology, the audio of the clip is so horribly distorted, it turns this kids’ attraction into a living hell.

Shudder as a shrieking Blobby welcomes you into his home… from the bottomless pit of hell (by the sounds of it). Cringe in fear as weird, shapeless babies appear from inside a cot, or from behind a sofa… and clasp your hands over your ears to shut out the cacophony as a shapeless body lies motionless in what appears to be a bed.

But wait until you see what’s lurking behind a grubby shower curtain…. It’s like something out of The Grudge.

It’s genuinely horrifying.

Watch the whole video of the Crinkley Bottom video below.

Don’t have nightmares.

And for further spookiness, here's what the location looks like now:


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