Love Is Blind season one: Where are the couples now?

28 July 2021, 14:52

By Jenny Mensah

The season one cast of Love Is Blind are back for an anniversary show. Find out when the episode is released on Netflix and what they are up to now.

Love Is Blind had viewers absolutely gripped to their screens just before the pandemic.

The dating experiment - which saw hopefuls attempt to find 'the one' without seeing each other - had twists, turns and some huge fallouts, but most of all set out to answer the question: is love blind?

For half of the couples the answer was a resounding no, but some did genuinely manage to find a connection on the series.

It's since been announced that the cast are set to reunite on Love Is Blind: After The Altar on 28 July 2021, but what happened to the couples from the first season and where are they now?

Watch the trailer for the new reunion and find out where some of the most popular cast members are up to now.

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Love Is Blind couple Lauren and Cameron
Love Is Blind couple Lauren and Cameron. Picture: Netflix

Where are the Love Is Blind season one couples now?

Cameron and Lauren

The loved-up couple were one of the strongest pairings on the show and (unsurprisingly) they are still very much together. As of July 2021, the couple are still married and in November 2020 they celebrated their second wedding anniversary together.

Professionally, the pair have launched their own YouTube series, Hanging With The Hamiltons, and released their own book, Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way, in June 2021.

Amber and Barnett

The physical connection between Amber Pike and Matt Barnett was clear from their reveal episode, but they had to deal with the added pressure of being in an awkward love triangle with Jessica. Although there were some cold feet leading up to the wedding day, the pair are still very much together and also celebrated their two year anniversary.

They've even recently spent time hanging with power couple Lauren and Cam at Universal Studios.

Jessica and Mark

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas had problems from day one as Mark was not quite what Jess expected. The pair were unbalanced when it came to their feelings for each other and it was hard to watch as Jess struggled to deal with not being paired with Barnett.

Jessica, who rejected Mark at the altar, now has a new boyfriend called Benjamin McGrath and the pair just celebrated their one year anniversary during the 4th July weekend.

It's unclear whether Mark will turn up for the reunion, as he's not shown in any preview clips. He may have chose to stay away due to the controversy and rumours surrounding his conduct during and after the show. According to E! News, Mark ended up dating LC from the show, but their relationship broke off amid cheating claims when a Reddit post came to light entitled "My close friend's co-worker is dating Mark!!"

Whatever you believe, it looks like he has found love again with Aubrey Rainey and they even have a two and a half month old son named Ace.

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Carlton and Diamond

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack were undoubtedly one of the most controversial couples on the show. The pair appeared to be going from strength to strength until their Mexico trip where Carlton revealed he was bisexual. Their relationship ended in an explosive row that had fans of the show rushing to take sides. While they seemed to bury the hatchet at the reunion, it's yet to be seen if they are on good terms.

Carlton appears to have openly embraced his sexuality, posting photos with his boyfriend as recently as this week. While it's unclear if Diamond is in a relationship, the Netflix teaser suggests she's "still searching".

Kelly and Kenny

At first Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes seemed like a good match, but Kelly seemed hesitant to go the full way with Kenny. In fact, she was so hesitant, on the final episode she said no at the altar. However, the couple are now adamant they both mutually decided not to marry and had many conversations that weren't shown on TV.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight Kenny said: "We were adamantly not going to get married. That was actually never something that we were going to do. So much so that we were both calculated in the manner that it's an experiment and we were doing our best to follow along with it..."

The couple are still friendly but have moved on and Kenny is now in engaged to be married. His wife to be seems to appear in the reunion show.

Gigi and Damian

Gianna Gibelli (Gigi) and Damian Powers had one of the most volatile relationships of all the couples, with Gigi's hot-blooded temperament often contrasting with Damian's more cold nature. Despite Damian saying no at the altar and provoking one of the most dramatic moments of the series, he and Gianna got back together after the show and celebrated their second anniversary in October 2020. However, the pair do not appear together in the Love Is Blind: After The Altar teaser and she's not appeared on his socials since. From the explosive latest trailer, it appears that Damian was dating Too Hot To Handle season one star Francesca Farago.

Love Is Blind: After the Altar is out on Netflix from 28 July 2021.


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