WATCH: Jon Snow actor Kit Harington cried at the final script reading for Game of Thrones

26 May 2019, 09:30 | Updated: 26 May 2019, 09:31

Watch GOT star Kit Harington get emotional in one of the final script readings for the hit HBO fantasy series.

HBO have shared clip which sees Kit Harington get emotional during a Game of Thrones script reading session.

The British actor - who played Jon Snow in the hit HBO series - joined fans in waving goodbye to the show this week with its controversial finale airing on Sunday in the US and the early hours of Monday morning in the UK.

Watch the emotional clip of the cast and crew discussing season 8 above.

Meanwhile, Kit Harington might not be the only person emotional over the Game of Thrones finale, as many fans took to social media to react to the show's conclusion.

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Some fans believed that the series was rushed, while others disagreed with the characters story arcs.

But one thing most fans agreed on, is the fact that finding water bottles in the middle of Kings Landing wasn't a great sign of attention to detail on the show's part.

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Watch the Game of Thrones cast thank the fans for watching: