Netflix's Heartstopper: Will there be a season 2?

25 April 2022, 14:35 | Updated: 2 May 2022, 18:17

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The teen LGBTQ+ drama has gone down a storm on Netflix. Find out everything we know about Heartstopper and what we know about a season 2.

By Jenny Mensah

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Heartstopper only recently dropped on Netflix and it's already delighting TV fans.

The teen LGBTQ+ drama, which is based on Alice Oseman's graphic novels of the same name, has found a whole new audience on the streaming platform... and with good reason.

The series - which tells the love story of two teenage boys - has already left fans desperate to know what's next for Nick and Charlie, played by Kit Connor and Joe Locke respectively.

Find out everything we know about the series so far and if there will be a season two.

Netflix's Heartstopper stars Kit Connor and Joe Locke
Netflix's Heartstopper stars Kit Connor and Joe Locke. Picture: Netflix

Will there be a Heartstopper season 2?

There's no confirmation whether there will be a second season of the Netflix show yet, but it's certainly looking likely. The first season of Heartstopper only covers the first two volumes of the graphic novels and there are seven volumes in total.

Creator and showrunner Oseman and Patrick Walters recently teased some of the topics they would like to explore in further seasons, so it's fair to say they are thinking about it.

Oseman told Digital Spy: "If we do get future seasons, I'll definitely want to be bringing in the themes of mental health, because that's something that's really important in the books."

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What is Heartstopper based on?

Heartstopper is based on the graphic novel by Alice Oseman.

Who's in the Heartstopper cast?

Joe Locke plays Charlie Spring and Kit Connor plays fellow lead character Nick Nelson, but they are joined by a host of actors, both established and new faces.

See the Heartstopper cast below:

  • Joe Locke - Charlie Spring
  • Kit Connor - Nick Nelson
  • Yasmin Finney - Elle Argent
  • William Gao - Tao Xu
  • Cormac Hyde-Corrin - Harry Greene
  • Tobie Donovan - Isaac Henderson
  • Reha Norwood - Imogen Heaney
  • Sebastican Croft - Ben Hope
  • Araloyin Oshunremi - Otis Smith
  • Olivia Coleman - Sarah Nelson
  • Fisayo Akinade - Mr. Ajayi
  • Chetna Pandya - Coach Singh
  • Alan Turkington - Mr. Lange
  • Corinna Brown - Tara Jones
  • Jenny Walser - Tori Spring
  • Kizzy Edgell - Darcy Olsson
  • Joseph Balderrama - Julio Spring
  • Georgina Rich - Jane Spring
  • Richard Stemp - Mr. Budd

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Is Kit Connor straight?

Kit Connor has not publicly acknowledged his sexuality, unlike the character he plays of Nick Nelson who realises he is bisexual.

Is Joe Locke gay?

Like his co-star, Locke has remained fairly tight-lipped about his sexual orientation.

Elle Argent is played by Yasmin Finney in Heartstopper
Elle Argent is played by Yasmin Finney in Heartstopper. . Picture: Netflix

Is Elle from Heartstopper trans?

Elle, who is played by Yasmin Finney, is an 18-year-old trans woman in real life. Though she's starred in various theatre productions, Heartstopper is her first on screen role.

Heartstopper is available to stream now on Netflix.

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