WATCH: Guy Holding McLovin Festival Sign Meets Real McLovin

4 July 2017, 16:25 | Updated: 19 September 2017, 18:29

See the moment the festival-goer was surprised by Superbad star, Chris Mintz-Plasse.

Video footage has emerged which sees a Superbad fan surprised by one of the film's most iconic stars.

Watch the moment McLovin met McLovin in our clip above, courtesy of Sydney Badik.

A reveller at Michigan's Electric Forest 2017 paid homage to the buddy movie with a huge homemade version of McLovin's fake ID.

But unbeknownst to the punter, Chris Mintz-Plasse - who played McLovin' in the hit noughties film - was at the very same festival and decided to seek him out. 

It took the punter so long to recognise the Superbad star, he actually had to be told by the Kickass actor. But when the penny finally dropped, it was glorious.

See the full video, which was posted on YouTube by Sydney Badik:

Johnny Player - the festival-goer who made the awesome sign - took to YouTube say: "I was so lost, I didn't realize it McLovin for a min... Greatest moment of Forest ever".

Photo credit: YouTube/Sydney Badik