Game Of Thrones: Euron Greyjoy hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014

18 May 2019, 19:01 | Updated: 18 May 2019, 21:01

Game of Thrones Euron Greyjoy actor Pilou Asbæk hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2014
Game of Thrones Euron Greyjoy actor Pilou Asbæk hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Picture: (Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

Game Of Thrones actor Pilou Asbæk was one of the presenters when the singing competition took place in Denmark.

The Eurovision Song Contest takes place this Saturday (18 May), while Game of Thrones reaches its dramatic conclusion in the early hours of Monday morning (2am UK time).

While there's no denying both events are the most eagerly anticipated TV moments of the year, who knew we'd be able to find a way for them to cross over?

Well, it turns out that back in 2014, Pilou Asbæk - who plays the devilishly wicked Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones - was one of the over enthusiastic presenters of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

Following Denmark's win in 2013 with Emmelie De Forest’s and Only Teardrops, the singing competition was hosted in Copenhagen and featured the GOT bad boy alongside Nikolaj Koppel and Lise Rønne.

Their hosting skills were definitely... striking, and as Metro reports, their stint included a tongue-in-cheek ode to "Douze Points" The 12 Point song.

Watch it here:


While Pilou Asbæk made it to the end of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, it's fair to say he'll probably be watching the Game of Thrones grand finale like the rest of us!

Watch the final teaser for Game Of Thrones season 8:

Find out everything you need to know about this Saturday's Eurovision Song Contest, here:

When will the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 take place?

This year, the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place on Saturday 18 May 2019 from 8pm BST.

Where is the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 taking place?

This year's competition will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel.

How can I watch or stream the Eurovision Song Contest?

You will be able to watch the marathon show from 8pm on BBC One from or stream it on the BBC iPlayer.

Who is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2019?

British commentary will be provided by Graham Norton, while the show itself will be hosted by two male and two female presenters in Bar Refaeli, Erez Tal, Assi Azar and Lucy Ayoub.

Who will be performing at the Eurovision Song Contest's interval in 2019?

Madonna has been confirmed to perform during the interval of the event.

Who is competing for the UK?

Britain's Michael Rice will be competing in the final with his Bigger Than Us track.

Which countries are competing in the Eurovision Song Contest this year?

According to the Eurovison website, the following 10 countries will participate in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv alongside reigning champion Israel's effort, Kobi Marimi with Home: 

Greece - Katerine Duska with Better Love

Belarus - ZENA with Like It

Serbia - Nevena Božović with Kruna

Cyprus - Tamta with Replay

Estonia - Victor Crone with Storm

Czech Republic - Lake Malawi with Friend Of A Friend

Australia - Kate Miller-Heidke with Zero Gravity

Iceland - Hatari with Hatrið mun sigra

San Marino - Serhat with Say Na Na Na

Slovenia - Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl with Sebi

They will be joined by the "Big Five," which are the countries who are members of the European Broadcasting Union and automatically get through to each contest, below:

Germany - S!sters with Sister
Italy - Mahmood with Soldi
UK - Michael Rice with Bigger Than Us
Spain - Miki with La Venda
France - Bilal Hassani with Roi

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