Travis Barker Confirms New Blink 182 Material

10 November 2016, 08:00 | Updated: 2 August 2017, 14:58

Blink 182 press 2016 Matt Skiba, Mark Hoppus Travi

The drummer has told Radio X the band would be back in the studio in two weeks time.

Travis Barker has confirmed Blink 182 will be recording new material very soon, and it will feature on a deluxe version of their latest album.

Speaking to Radio X's Dan O'Connell, the Bored To Death drummer revealed: "We're actually gonna get back in the studio in a couple of weeks and work on the deluxe version of California, which will include some songs nobody's heard yet".

The trio's album - which includes their Bored To Death and She's Out Of Her Mind singles - reached No.1 in the US and the UK charts when it was first released in July this year.

Watch the official video for Bored To Death here: 

Meanwhile, the 40-year-old musician also Radio X he'll be travelling "by boat" to play the band's July 2017 UK Tour.

The All The Small Things star hasn't flown since he was in a tragic plane crash in 2008, which left him severely burned and saw four people lose their lives.

However, speaking about the 10-day-trip on the Queen Mary 2 ship, the musician told Radio X that he'd be busy working out, drumming, and producing music for other artists in his travelling studio.

"Everyone on the boat is super supportive," said the 40-year-old star. 

He added: "I make the most of my time on there and have fun."

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