The Wytches: we just want to do the songs justice

10 June 2014, 20:39

The Wytches

Kristian and Gianni from The Wytches have told Radio X their live show is extremely important to them.

"I guess being tight isn't top of the list for us, we're more about just playing the songs and doing them justice," Kristian told Danielle Perry on the Radio X Evening Show. "We just kind of go for it and I guess it's just luck that people seem to like how we go about our songs live."

The band are preparing to release their debut album later this summer.

"All we ever seem to do is just tour and write music," Gianni commented. "I think, the album's out end of August and we go to America for a bit and then we come back and then we'll just be pushing the album I guess. So that'll be good and hopefully we'll be jamming some new stuff if we get some time."

Kristian admitted their US jaunt is definitely exciting for the band.

"You measure the excitement differently when you progress because we used to get excited about getting paid more than £20 for a show and now we get excited because we get to go to a country we've never been to."

Listen to the interview in full: