The View Announce Best Of

10 April 2013, 14:46 | Updated: 12 August 2013, 11:31

The View

The View have announced a new album compiling the best of all their music so far.

It's called Seven Year Setlist and is out June 17.

"Over the years there's been four studio albums, thousands of gigs, too much vodka and loads of memories on this crazy rock n' roll journey," frontman Kyle Falconer said.

"So we wanted to create an album that was kinda like stopping and looking back over the years - with a few new tracks too. That's the Seven Year Setlist."

The full album tracklisting is:

Kill Kyle
Wasted little DJs
5 Rebeccas
How Long
The Don
Skag Trendy
Face For The Radio
Tacky Tattoo
The Clock
Underneath The Lights
Tragic Magic
Same Jeans
Dirty Magazine
Superstar Tradesman
Shock Horror

The View are supporting The Stone Roses at their Glasgow Green show on June 15.