The Prodigy: The New Album Is Pure Violent Energy

The Prodigy

Liam Howlett has spoken out about the new Prodigy album and has said it's a reaction against the current state of "formula" based dance music.

Speaking in this month's Q Magazine, Liam Howlett has revealed a few details about the new album from The Prodigy. The crazed frontman described the record as "pure violent energy." He also teased fans with a few track names, like Beyond The Death Ray, Nasty Nasty, Wall Of Death and Rottweiler.

Speaking about the state of current music, Howlett said that "dance music across all types has become formula-based...It's "Here's your drum fill, here's your build." All that DJ bollocks and tutorials on YouTube shit. This album is totally organic."

The album currently has no title or release date, although it's expected at some point next year. It will be The Prodigy's first LP since 2009's Invaders Must Die.