These Ridiculous Tech Support Questions Make IT Staff Look Like Absolute Saints...

14 March 2016, 12:47 | Updated: 25 April 2016, 15:00

Tech IT Support stock image

Get some of the most hilarious requests from technophobes out there.

Now, we're all guilty of calling up IT as soon as anything goes wrong with our computers, but these lot take it to a whole new level. has posted some of the worst requests and questions their IT staff have had to deal with... and some of them are just too much.

From asking if a mouse needs air holes, to not knowing the symbol for mute and sending an email to a real address, see the worst offenders below:

That old IT problem, when you try to send an email to a postal address:

Email Undeliverable -  Thank goodness we don’t live in a world where our emails take one to three working days to arrive



Not understanding that wireless equipment needs to be powered.

Batteries Not Included - Because if you don’t need a wire, surely you don’t need any power either


Or, the common problem when you think a mouse is actually a living, breathing, animal:

It’s Alive!!! - Sometimes, rather than explaining a problem, it’s best just to say ‘everything’s going to be okay’


Genuinely thinking Wi-Fi is called Wi-Five:

Out of Range for Wi-Five - Who knows how many ‘Wi’s technological advancements will bring us


Thinking disks should be continually put into a computer one after another:

Disc Jockey - Please avoid turning your desktop into a CD changer.


And not recognising the universal symbol for mute:

Hard of Hearing - We wish this person had stayed mute with their problem


Forget about turning it off and on again, some of these should probably just back away slowly!