WATCH: Shaun Ryder Gives Timeline For New Happy Mondays Album

2 August 2017, 20:27 | Updated: 21 August 2017, 18:04

The Step On legend told Peter Crouch what year we can expect a new studio release from the Salford band.

Shaun Ryder has revealed he's hoping for a new Happy Mondays album by 2020. 

Watch our video above. 

The Manchester man and his bandmate Kermit have released a new Black Grape album in Pop Voodoo, and Ryder revealed that a Happy Mondays LP won't be too far behind.

Asked by Peter Crouch when fans can expect a new record from the Salford band, the Kinky Afro frontman replied: "The thing about The Mondays is, with Black Grape it's just me and Paul ("Kermit" Leveridge).

"With the Mondays you've got Bez, you've got our kid (Paul Ryder), you got Gaz Whelan, you got Rowetta, and everyone's got a say and it's like, 'are we gonna do an album? 'Well I'm doing this and I'm doing that.'"

"But we will do another Mondays album," he insisted. "I'm hoping by 2020 that we'll have a new Mondays album."