Ryan Adams Saves "Abandoned Kitten" In New Zealand

15 July 2015, 10:57 | Updated: 15 July 2015, 11:33

Calling Festival 2015 - Ryan Adams

Yes. You read that headline correctly. The singer songwriter saved a lost cat in New Zealand.

Ryan Adams is the hero of the moment, it would seem. The singer took to Twitter on Monday asking for help. After a show in Aukland, New Zealand, Adams found a lost cat in a cemetery. He Tweeted local newspapers and animal shelters saying "Please any local cat rescue in Auckland, there's a little black kitten Symonds & Grafton- in Cemetery. Abandoned."

Worried Twitter users shared their concern using the hashtag #CemeteryCat. Adams kept us updated on the story, telling fans that the cat had been fed and was being looked after but was still without a home.

It was all very distressing, we'll sure you'll agree. There were many twists and turns in the tale (including a point when Cemetery Cat outsmarted rescue efforts by eating tuna off of a trap and scurrying away again) but it seems that the lonely feline has now found a home.

Ryan Adams should perhaps retire from music to become a kind of cat superhero.

Although the question still remains, what on earth was Ryan doing in a cemetery?

Ryan Adams supported Noel Gallagher at Calling Festival in South London. You can see photos from the event below.


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