Ricky Gervais: I miss radio

30 April 2014, 17:36

The star of Derek and The Office has been telling Radio X he misses talking and listening to records for a living.

"I miss radio!" he told Radio X's Jon Holmes on the London Breakfast Show this morning (30 April). "I do, I started on radio. It's the records I miss more than anything. Not just the talking. I still talk all the time.

"But you do a junket, and people don't think that it's exhausting talking about yourself ALL the time. Sometimes I wanna go 'I don't care! I don't wanna talk about me anymore'! So it's lovely to enthuse about a new band or something. I've never lost that.

Radio X, of course, was the scene of Ricky's first foray into radio when he was "Head Of Speech" on the station when it launched in 1997. He returned to the station in 2001 with cohorts Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington.

Gervais also explained how the Derek - which started a new series this week on Channel 4 - was the first show he'd written that wasn't semi-autobiographical.

I wrote The Office after working in an office for 10 years," he said. Then I was in media and I did Extras, they're all personal.

"But this is more personal in the way that I love Derek, I love him. I like being him, I wish he was real. He's sort of all of us before the weight of the world crashes down and tells us that we have to love the right bands and say the right things and all that."

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