Ricky Gervais: “The Fans Are The Most Important Thing… Apart From Money”

Ricky Wilson and Ricky Gervais

Speaking to Radio X presenter (and Kaiser Chiefs frontman) Ricky Wilson, the man behind David Brent discussed what his true priorities in life were these days…

…And it’s YOU. We think. 

He explained: “More and more now - and I know I come across as quite cynical and do the “[I’m] above it all” act - I realise that the FANS are the single most important thing, next to the work.”

He went on: “They beat everything - they beat awards, reviews… they don’t beat money, let’s be honest.”

Cracking on in a typical Gervais style, he tried to put everything in their right order:

“OK, so it goes work, money, fans, awards, reviews!”

Watch the clip here:

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