Watch Rik Mayall's Throwback Nintendo Adverts

7 March 2018, 11:24

Mark what would have been the legend's 60th Birthday watching him in these epic '90s ads.

Rik Mayall was one of the most beloved comic actors of our times. 

While its hard to believe Mayall - who passed away on 9 June 2014 - has been gone almost 4 years, we can console ourselves with all the great comedy he left behind. 

Recently we stumbled across the star's Nintendo ads back from 1993, and it's reminded us just how great he was.

The video - which was uploaded by YouTube account Applemask back in 2014 - sees the Drop Dead Fred star flog every thing from Zelda and Streetfighter to Tetrus 2 on the Game Boy... and of course absolutely smash it.