You Won’t BELIEVE Which Words Have Been Added To The Oxford English Dictionary


It’s clickbait. No, really. “Clickbait” is now a real word, as is “Biffy” and “Glamping”.

Squee”, “Uh-Oh” “Vom” and “Yoda” are just a handful of the great, modern words that have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Also in the September 2016 update of the OED are such great terms as:

  • “biffy” (although probably as the slang word for toilet, rather than in respect to Clyro)
  • “YOLO” (as in You Only Live Once”)
  • “glamping” (as in glamorous camping)
  • “butt-fuck” (as a verb AND a noun)
  • “biatch” (as in a hi-larious way to say “bitch)
  • “fuhgeddaboudit” (as in a slang phrase for “forget about it”)
  • “slacktivist” (as in a person who thinks changing their avatar is supporting a cause)
  • “skronk” (as in horrible music)
  • “squee” (as in “squeeeeeeeeeeee”)
  • “Yoda” (as in that guy from Star Wars)
  • “vom” (as in “vomit”)
  • “clickbait” (as in rubbish internet stories not at all like the one you’re reading)

And to mark the 100th birthday of Roald Dahl this month, a number of entries attributed to the author are now legit English words, including Oompa Loompa, “human bean” and “splendiferous”.

The full list of new words is available at the OED site.