A Woman Pretended To Be Sick To Get Out Of A Date, And It Massively Backfired

9 May 2016, 17:10 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Woman holding belly with newspaper report

This story will make you want to let your date down gently.

We've all had dates that are so bad we've told a little white lie to get out of them.

But, when a woman found herself on a hiking date with a guy she didn't like in Amherst, Massachusetts, she decided to get out of it by pretending she was sick.

While that lie probably would have worked in every bar or restaurant around the world, unfortunately in this case it sparked a medical emergency. 

As reported by the Metro, Twitter user Alexander Chee shared a extract from a police blotter, which states emergency services were called to an Amherst site at 5.47pm, after the "woman became ill".

Soon enough it reveals that "Police determined the woman was just trying to get out of a date" and "feigned illness instead of being more forthcoming." 


While she clearly didn't think much of her date's looks or personality, on quality she must have overlooked was his ability to show concern for a complete stranger... or his wicked sense of humour. 

Either way, we think we'll just stick to saying we've got an early work meeting from now on...

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