Legend Makes Christmas Scenes Out Of Pigs In Blankets

12 November 2016, 19:00 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Pigs In Blankets stock image 2

Sian Pearson has been creating the festive scenes since 2012.

Nothing quite says Christmas like pigs in blankets, and it looks like some of you can't get enough of them.

But every year, one hero seeks to make the sausage and bacon creation even more festive, by using it to create a Christmas scene.

According to the Metro, Pearson's first creation was of the Nativity in 2012, but since then, she's gone on to depict everything form Santa sitting in his sleigh surrounded by reindeer, to a family gathered round a huge Christmas tree.

See one of her moving scenes below:


Pearson explained that it all began when she was put in charge of the pigs in blankets with her cousin, which didn't exactly stretch their cooking skills. 

They soon decided to make it as intricate as they could, by making a centre piece out of the side dish. 

Despite the fact that Christmas only comes around once a year, and her 2016 centrepiece is still "TBC," Sian still has plenty to keep her busy as her friends request summer scenes for their birthdays.

However, if Twitter is anything to go by, Pearson isn't the only sausage and bacon-lover to attempt such a feat.

Roll on Christmas...