WATCH: These Guys Had An Illegal Rave On The Tube...

12 April 2017, 12:50 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Illegal rave on the tube trollstation

Police were called up to break up the rave on the Bakerloo Line.

Police were forced to stop an "illegal" drum and bass rave on the London Underground this week. 

The rave, which took place on the Bakerloo Line came complete with flashing lights, a soundsystem and an MC in the shape of Harry Shotta.

The stunt was the work of Trollstation, who posted a video of their shenanigans here: 

Travellers were seen stumbling across the tube carriage, with some getting fully involved in the proceedings.

Iain Souttar told the Evening Standard: "I was on my way back to university on the Bakerloo line to Marylebone. I got on and there was multicoloured lights and a sound system on the carriage.

"Everyone was enjoying it and only took up part of one carriage so I didn't see any real disruption. It was only on it fo two or three stops but everyone seemed to be enjoying it."

He added: "It was very different to any Tube I've been on before".

Meanwhile, the British Transport Police took to Twitter to share reassure commuters, writing: "We've just removed a fully-fledged rave from a Bakerloo Line tube!