WATCH: Smirking Weatherman Breaks Wind Live On Air

6 September 2017, 16:37 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Weatherman breaks wind live on air

We've all been there... You're in polite company when you suddenly feel a little bit, ahem, windy.

You try to hide it, but you struggle with your poker face and out it comes.

That is exactly what happened to a weatherman... except he was on TV with millions of people watching.

Watch our video of the hilarious moment here:

The moment was caught on video by YouTuber Heller32658, who can be heard laughing throughout the clip.

The star of the video is WPMI Chief Meteorologist Chris Dunn who begins the report as normal, saying: “You get one or two of those isolated spots on Saturday. Same thing for Sunday through 5pm.

"A fairly quiet weekend..."

Unfortunately for the presenter, the weather may have been quiet, but his bodily function was not.

Soon after, Mr. Dunn appears to pause and takes a step backwards, and leans forward before letting out a loud squeaky noise.

Undeterred, then continues going through the forecast, casually pointing at the map behind him.

Perhaps he thought he was his bum out of shot?

Either way he gave it a good go, which makes him a legend in our books.