These Creepy 80s Dating Videos Will Make You Never Moan About Tinder Again...

9 August 2016, 18:18 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

80s dating advert image

Sometimes things definitely weren't better in the good old days.

Everyone moans about dating apps like Tinder for taking the romance out of dating, but we forget how dreary dating could be before the internet.

Firstly, you actually had to go out and meet people to find love, which took loads of money and effort. And if that didn't work, then you had to give in and go on blind dates set up by mutual friends, or even sign up to speed dating... 

Oh the horror!

However, no dating experience is quite as horrific as these 80s dating videos that were shared on Facebook by The Tab.

If the ridiculous outfits and awkward mannerisms weren't enough to cringe you out, then maybe their opening gambits will.

Take one guy, for instance, who's an "executive by day and a wild man by night," or another who, despite not meeting you yet, fancies the idea of  "a nice bath with champagne and candles."

No wonder he'd been on it for six years...

Then there's Mike, who says: "If you're sitting there watching this tape smoking your cigarette, hit fast forward because I don't smoke and I don't like people who do smoke."

If that's not direct enough, there's always the guy who's definitely "not looking for some big overgrown monster that's always thinking about food."


Thank god for progress!

Photo: Facebook/The Tab