WATCH: British Tourists Racing For Sunbeds Is Brilliant

30 December 2017, 17:23

Was this the most British moment of 2017? Watch this clip of holiday-makers sprinting towards sun loungers at a Gran Canaria hotel.

We've all been there. You're on holiday. You wake up bright and early get down to the pool, but just as you get down you see every sun lounger has been covered with a towel.

We all know Brits love to bag a sunbed before breakfast, but this video of holiday makers sprinting towards them with their towels in Grand Canaria takes it to a whole new level.

Watch the unbelievable footage above, which was taken by a fellow holidayer at the four-star Servatur Waikik in Playa del Ingles.

The video - which even sees children making a mad dash towards the loungers, shows one man lay out four towels in a row!

According to The Metro, an insider said: "The worst are definitely the Brits followed by the Irish and then some Canarians who are on holiday here and appear to have started to become infected by their behaviour.

"I know the British have traditionally regarded the Germans as the worst offenders but our experience is that they have breakfast first and look for a sunbed after.

"The pool opens at 8am and there’s always a queue of people waiting at this time of the year.

"It’s a bit hard to fathom really because there’s enough sunbeds to go round.

"We get guests laying their towels out in the morning and sometimes disappearing again till the afternoon."

The outlet adds that it's got so bad, hotel staff are being told to remove towels on sunbeds that have been left unattended for two or three hours.

Talk about cheeky!

Credit: Gerard Couzens/