Watch The Moment An America's Got Talent Contestant Got Shot By A Flaming Arrow

3 August 2016, 10:00 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

America's Got Talent Couple amber and ryan act fai

Ryan literally got it in the neck from his fiancée Amber, when their act went wrong live on the talent show.

Footage of a couple auditioning for America's Got Talent has gone viral, after it sees a woman accidentally shooting her fiancé in the neck with a flaming arrow.

Soon-to-be-married daredevil couple Amber Lynn Walker and Ryan Stock performed their act on the show this Tuesday (2 August), which unfortunately saw Ryan get a flaming hot arrow straight to the neck and chest when she missed her target.

Watch the dangerous fail, posted on Twitter by Joe C below:

Luckily Ryan wasn't badly harmed, but we reckon their pride has definitely been a little burnt.

We just hope their chances of superstardom haven't totally gone up in flames. 

Photo: Twitter/Joe C/NBC