This Twitter Account Is Rating Your Tea, And It's The Most British Thing Ever...

9 August 2016, 13:11 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Breakfast Tea stock image

People are sending in moutwatering pics of their perfect cuppa to Rate_My_Tea in the hopes of their seal of approval.

Whether you're a herbal, English Breakfast or Earl Grey lover, there's no doubt that we Brits love a good cuppa.

In fact there's hardly a moment that goes by in the office where the words "fancy a cuppa?" aren't followed by a simple "go on then," shortly followed by an attempt to gulp down the tea we already had.

But how to make a decent tea is somehow still a contentious issue, with people debating everything from colour, to order of ingredients and even what to eat it with.

Finally, a Twitter account by the name of Rate_My_Tea has come along to sort the wheat from the chaff, asking tea-lovers to show off their tea tekkers to the nation.

Despite it only being launched this month, one thing is already abundantly clear... 

Some people clearly love a disgustingly milky, anaemic-looking tea:

While some definitely aren't cleaning their mugs enough:

Others just make sure that - when it comes to drinking receptacles - they're bringing their A-game:

However, it wasn't enough for some of you to take a picture. Lizzie B decided to show her winning method in a video instead.

For a lot of you, the art of drinking tea is nothing if you're not eating with it too.

One helpful user by the name of Moxie McMurder even provided a useful colour-chart, to prove all shades of tea are valid in their own right.

We think we're somewhere between an Iron Brew and a Nigerian Sunset.

Now, if that doesn't make you fancy a proper brew, what will?

Unless, like some of the few Brits out there, you don't like tea in any form...