So Snorting Chocolate Is A Thing Now...

1 June 2016, 18:00 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Raw chocolate powder

A Belgian chocolatier spearheaded the craze, after creating a chocolate-sniffing device for a Rolling Stones party.

There's a chocolate-snorting trend sweeping Europe, and apparently its all because of this guy.

As reported by Daily Mail, there's a night in Germany allowing club-goers to get choco-highs through raw cocoa... and a Belgian chocolatier's invention may have just encouraged it.

According to ODN, Dominique Persoone made his chocolate-sniffing device for a Rolling Stones party back in 2007, and he ended up selling over 25,000 of the things eight years later.

However, we can't confirm they've all been used for sniffing chocolate...

Watch the video below: 

Persoone - whose device was inspired by the equipment his grandfather used to sniff tobacco - maintains sniffing chocolate is safe, although the packaging warns against excessive use.

It's not just sniffing chocolate that seems to be gaining popularity either...

According to Mixmag, there's a club called Lucid in Berlin where cocoa powder is dropped into the drinks, while another party - Morning Gloryville, is believed to stock cacao pills behind the bar.

We'll not be trying that any time soon, but it'll certainly make us think differently the next time we tuck into a Twix.