People Who Like Dark Comedy Are Probably Smarter, Says Study

30 January 2017, 17:39 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

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Research found that those who most enjoyed sick humour scored the highest on verbal and non-verbal IQ tests.

Do you ever get told you have a sick sense humour? Are you constantly being referred to as wicked?

If so, then according to this study you might just be onto something as research suggests people who like "black humour" might just be smarter. 

As reported on Research Digest, a study led by Ulrike Willinger at the Medical University of Vienna, asked 156 participants with an average age of 33 to rate their comprehension and enjoyment of 12 black humour cartoons taken from The Black Book by Uli Stein. 

They were then asked to complete basic tests which measured their verbal and non-verbal IQ and answer questions on their educational background, mood, level of aggression. 

Amazingly, the results found that those who had the highest enjoyment of the dark humour tended to to score highly in IQ and low in aggression, as apparently processing of black humour is a “complex information-processing task” which requires a light mood. 

So while your sick joke might not be big, it actually could be clever.

So, the next time someone calls you sick or morbid, just tell them you're practically a genius.