This Old-School Picture Proves We Were Photoshopping Way Before Photoshop Existed...

27 July 2016, 14:10 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Stock old photo image couple pose for portrait

The impressive black and white snap, was posted on Imgur.

It's hard to imagine a world without Photoshop where people just had to make do with their looks and a bit of soft lighting, but - if this old school picture is anything to go by - then people were "Photoshopping" before... well, Photoshop. 

Before the days of green screens or picture post-editing people had to just make do with posing for pictures, and if someone couldn't make it, they didn't make the picture... Unless of course you took the trouble to paint the absent person first!

Imgur user, akoroka, has shared an an image from the 1900s where the artist has done just that.

See the impressive pic below:

Imgur picture of an old 1900 picture

Picture: Imgur/Reddit/akoroka, 

Not only is that a great painting, but they've managed to look like she's photo bombing him too.

Proof indeed that people were ridiculously inventive in the olden days.