Walkers End Monster Munch Debate & Confirm Shape Of Crisps

1 May 2018, 06:00 | Updated: 1 May 2018, 15:12

Monster Munch Pack Shots

The row over whether the crisps are shaped like claws, feet or whole monsters is over.

It all began when one Monster Munch enthusiast, Danny Mcfarlane, suggested the crisps weren't meant to be shaped like claws, but were actually whole monsters standing upright. 

Naturally, people in no way over-reacted to the news at all, taking to Twitter to assert their lives were pretty much over or at least forever changed by it.

However, according to Chronicle Live, Walkers have responded to the story, writing: “We love that everyone is in a pickle over the shape of Monster Munch.

“They are one of Britain’s favourite snacks and whilst we think of them as monsters’ feet, we don’t want that to stop people from coming up with their own imaginative ideas.”

Another did a bit of digging, finding them to be feet also:

Thanks Pam.

However, one Twitter user had a representative reportedly calling them "claws".

While we're a little confused, we're going to go ahead and say feet and claws are pretty interchangeable in this instance.

Phew. Childhood saved.

What did you think Monster Munch were shaped as?

And while we're at it... what's your favourite Monster Munch flavour? We are definitely Pickled Onion people.