Millennials Spend More On Coffee Than Saving, Says Study...

19 January 2017, 13:33 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Women drinking coffee cups stock

A recent survey has found that this generation have invested more in their morning cup of joe each year than saving for a rainy day.

Everyone has a friend that moans about being flat broke all the time, but seems to have takeaway coffee cup glued permanently to their hand.

And it's never just a cheap one at that. Why is it that your "poorest" mates seem to be the type to order a mocha latte flat white spiced pumpkin coffee sprinkled with gold leaf and fairy dust?

Just addicted, we guess...

But, according to a recent SurveyMonkey report undertaken on behalf of investing app Acorns, your annoying mate isn't actually alone. It seems Millenials tend to spend more on a cup of their favourite coffee than they put away for a rainy day each month.

As Munchies reports, the Money Matters survey - which surveyed the spending habits of more than 1,900 Millennials (aged 18-35)  - found a direct link between those who regularly treated themselves to a cup of joe and those who were terrible at saving dough.

Women were apparently the worst offenders with 44% of females surveyed spending more on their morning coffee than they did "putting money aside this year". 

Men fared slightly better (but not much more), with about 30% putting less money away a year than the amount spent on their favourite beverage. 

While trying to convince your mate not to drink coffee will just be futile, sending this might just get them to moan a bit less about having no money.

Now that's something we can all drink to!