WATCH: Man Filmed Clinging To Back Of Moving Train

26 September 2017, 12:14 | Updated: 26 September 2017, 13:47

The daredevil was caught on camera grabbing onto the mode of transport, which was travelling at 70 miles per/hour.

Well this is a pretty reckless way to avoid paying for your ticket... A man has been filmed hanging on to the outside of a train in Western Australia. 

Watch a clip of the unbelievable moment above.

The footage was captured by Chantelle Stone as she drove along a freeway near Perth on 23 September.

She said: “The train had been stopped at a station when we first saw the guy riding on the back.

“We slowed down a bit so the train could get ahead of us again so I could capture the footage.”

Stone noted that the train was travelling at about 110km per hour, which is almost 70mph, and the same as the speed limit on the Mitchell Freeway, the road they were traveling on.

Photo and video credit: Storyful/Chantelle Stone