Unofficial "Tube_Chat" Badges Send Londoners Into Panic

29 September 2016, 12:46 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Tube Chat Badges screengrab twitter

TFL has confirmed the badge isn't official, but that hasn't stopped people having a laugh about it.

An unofficial Transport For London badge has been doing the rounds, and it's sent Londoners into an absolute panic, because obviously, no one actually want's to chat or be friendly on the underground.

The badge started trending on Twitter, putting fear into the hearts of (almost) every Londoner who saw it.

TFL was quick to confirm that the badge was unofficial, instead sending a link to their latest "Please offer me a seat" creation.

However that didn't stop people reacting to it with fear, anger and of course - hilarity. 

Cuba Libre and Taylor Learmouth seemed to fall into the angry category: 

This lot were skeptical to say the least...

And a LOT of people had an issue with the hashtag:

Whereas this person just summed up the problem with the badge perfectly:


Some even made their own hilarious alternatives.

Bravo Londoners. Bravo.

Everyone knows tube time is quiet time.. unless of course you run into a rock star: