Ooh La La! Eurotrash To Return For One Night Only Brexit Special

10 May 2016, 16:12 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Eurotrash intro still

The cult TV show will be returning to our screens on the eve of the EU referendum.

Some shows are so brilliantly bizarre, they become ingrained in your memory. Eurotrash is one of those shows.

The crazy late night magazine show - hosted by Antoine de Caunes and French designer Jean Paul Gaultier - kept us all company after the pub, and its set to entertain us yet again.

According to The Guardian, Eurotrash is coming back for a one-off special on the eve of the EU referendum (Wednesday 22 June 2016).

A statement from Channel 4 has confirmed the Brexit show will serve up a dish of "crazy continentals" to remind us Brits “without them, we really are just a very sad and insignificant little island with bad food and terrible teeth.” 


Tim Carter, CEO Twenty Twenty Productions - who is producing the show with Rapido Television - said “Eurotrash is the reason most of us work in telly! I’m sure when it comes to the referendum, it will be Eurotrash wot wins it ... for which side is anyone’s guess.”

Remind yourself of some of the show's special charm, below:

Picture: YouTube/hileydangerous's channel, Rapido Television