Robot Cars Are Almost Here... Thanks To Uber

18 August 2016, 13:57 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Driveless Uber Car

The first tests of driverless vehicles is happening any day now in the US… The future is HERE, people. Or will be, by 2021.

When we used to think about the 21st Century, all sorts of things would run through our minds: hoverboards, living in space… and robots doing our bidding.

Well, you can stop dreaming, because although we’re still waiting for that hoverboard, self-driving cars are one step away from becoming a reality.

In a report on business journal Bloomberg, Uber customers in Pittsburgh, ???? will be able to call up self-driving cars from their mobiles within months, if trials go well.

Uber’s new ROBOTIC fleet will consist of specially-adapted Volvo XC90 SUVs, which will be fitted with cameras, laser sensors, radar and other GPS trickery to create a perfect ride home for the tired and emotional traveller.

The company has spent $300 million in conjunction with the technology company Otto to have a product on the road by 2021.

Other companies such as Google and Ford have been testing similar plans, but it looks like the app will be the first to actually be a commercial proposition.

Thankfully, for anyone who’s a bit technophobic or has watched Terminator a few times, actual real-life humans will be sitting in the drivers’ seats for the iniital trials.

Start-up company Otto has already built a device that allows trucks to drive themselves on long-haul trips down the highways of America, which is currently being tested in California.

Where will it all end? Well, here… hopefully: