WATCH: Chair Flipping Is Now A Thing...

28 June 2016, 15:12 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

Chair-flipping video

Move over bottle-flipping, it's all about the chair.

Remember when an American student went viral for demonstrating an impeccable bottle flip at his high school talent show?

Well he's about to look really lame, because these guys are doing it with chairs...

A YouTube video sees Kiwi students up the ante in a chair-flipping contest, while pulling off some pretty impressive dance moves in the process.

See them in action below:

And just in case you missed it, here's that epic double chair bounce again.



And, it's not an isolated incident either. This guy manages to pull off his chair-based tricks in one hand, while holding his camera in the other:

Somebody please make this an Olympic sport. 

Picture: Lads Banter TV