Being Single Costs A Lot More Money Than Being In A Relationship, Says Study

4 August 2016, 17:47 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

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Because we needed one more thing to make us feel bad about being single.

As if wasn't bad enough being single already, a survey has come along to properly stick the knife in, by confirming what we knew all along.

Singletons spend far more money than those in relationships. A lot more actually. £6,000 a year more to be precise.

As reported by Metro Online, 2000 Brits aged between 18-10 were polled to assess their spending habits, and it turns out the average single Londoner spends £5,772 more a year than those in relationships.

According to Voucher Codes Pro, everything from solo dinners to takeaways and nights out on the pull mean single people spend an average of £150 a week compared to the £39 spent by their coupled counterparts.

Unsurprisingly, single people tend to drink way more booze because they're usually out more (and they're way more fun, right?), spending almost three times as much on alcohol as those in relationships.

While the loved-up among us spends an average of £17 a week on drinks, singletons spend an average of £45. 

So basically, going on a night out is a bit like this?

Most of this is put down to the fact that couples can share the burden of meals and nights out, but let's face it, couples don't need to go out, because they don't need to meet anyone. 

On the plus side, single people put way more money and effort into looking good and upgrading their wardrobe, which means if you are single... you're probably looking way better than everyone else. 

And, if that's not worth a little dance, we don't know what is.