This Three-Year-Old Realising She Has $23 Is Exactly How We Feel On Pay Day...

29 April 2016, 10:00 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

girl piggy bank stock image

The toddler was being taught the benefits of saving.

Everyone knows how good it feels when you've got more money than you thought you had, but when this little girl realised she had a whopping $23, it's fair to say she was ecstatic. 

Reddit user decided to teach his child the benefits of saving, and managed to capture the exact moment she realised how money she had.

The picture below was posted by makesalotofpancakes, with the explanation: "As her parents it was only a few years ago we were in the same boat. She didn't realize there was an endgame to saving (spending), so she saved for a year before asking how much she had. It was cute watching her shop on Amazon last night."

She just realized she has $23.

The Redditor confirmed the child put half of it towards a toy, while the "bank of mom and dad" paid the other half, and the rest of the money went back in her piggy bank.


Although, if we're honest we're a bit jealous that a three-year-old currently has more money than us...