A 10-Year-Old Hacker Just Found A Flaw On Instagram And Got A HUGE Reward

5 May 2016, 16:37 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 10:50

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Find out how this kid made more money than you did last month...

Most people associate being caught hacking with jail time and a hefty fine, but when this kid hacked into Instagram, he was rewarded with a huge sum of money instead.

As reported by UniLad, a Finnish computer wiz known as Jani found serious flaws with the social networking site, and was able to hack into its system and delete text posted by other users.

However, rather than getting a telling off or a slap on the wrist, according to Finnish news outlet Italehti, young Jani was given a whopping $10,000 instead. 

That's £7,000 to us Brits!

But why? Because Instagram was bought by Facebook back in 2012, the kid was able to benefit from Facebook's "bug bounty" program, which gives cash rewards for anyone who can find flaws in any of their systems.

That kid just made more than most people make in three months. 

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