Fairytale of New Teeth! Shane MacGowan gets new set of gnashers for Christmas

21 December 2015, 13:40 | Updated: 21 December 2015, 14:45

shane macgowan

The Fairytale Of New York singer gets his teeth done in a one-hour-long Christmas TV show documentary.

Shane MacGowan has been given a set of sparkling new teeth just in time for Christmas. 

The Pogues singer - who is most famous for his vocals on Fairytale Of New York - has been given a festive miracle, courtesy of a dental team and a TV show.

The hour-long documentary called, Shane MacGowan: a Wreck Reborn, which aired on Sky Arts last night (20 December 2015) saw the singer given new gnashers after the last of his natural teeth fell out in 2008.

It was Shane's girlfriend Victoria Clarke who kicked off the process, making an appeal on social media.

Not one to blend in too much though, the star also requested a prominent gold tooth be installed with his set of pearly whites.

Speaking to The Independent, dental surgeon Darragh Mulrooney agreed it was possibly the Everest of dental work, revealing: “there was a whole team required to get to the summit”.

He added: “The question on everyone’s lips is how it will affect his voice. The tongue is a finely attuned muscle and it makes precise movements. We’ve effectively retuned his instrument and that will be an ongoing process.

 “There was a moving moment when someone gave Shane an apple to eat … something he hadn’t done in 20 years.”




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