Peaches Geldof apologies for tweeting Ian Watkins co-defendants' names

Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof has apologised for her tweets which names the two female co-defendants in the Ian Watkins case.

The daughter of Sir Bob Geldof had named the two women, who were charged alongside the former Lostprophets singer over sexual abuse of their own children.

She claimed that she "assumed" that the names of the women were in the public domain and went on to say that "half of Twitter" had published their names.

"The question of wether [sic] or not to give anonymity to criminals in cases like this will go on forever," Geldof claimed. "However these women and Watkins will be gettings [sic} three meals a day, a double bed, cable TV etc - all funded by the tax payer."

She concluded by saying she would "check her facts" in future.

The South Wales Argus reports that Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle is investigating the incident. "We are aware that the names of Ian Watkins' co- defendants have been published on social media channels.

"Clearly, there is strong public feeling about this case and many people are using social media forums to talk about the issues involved. We are currently in consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service regarding the matter and will take action if appropriate."

Victims of sexual abuse have automatic anonymity and that publishing details that could identify them was a criminal offence.