This Is What A Chocolate Digestive Shrine Looks Like...

18 April 2016, 15:58 | Updated: 25 April 2016, 13:22

Chocolate digestives stock image

People paid tribute to the crushed chocolate digestives in Leamington Spa.

We've all had that gut-wrenching feeling when you drop a chocolate or an ice-cream cone on the floor that can't be rescued by the three-second-rule.

But when a packet of biscuits got crushed on the floor in Royal Leamington Spa, people got royally upset about it.

Hugh Osborne found the sorry looking biscuits in his hometown and noticed that tributes were being laid for them.

Naturally, the ridiculous tributes rolled in, with Osbourne adding a digestive graduation photo for extra lols.

Giving Twitter an update on Friday, Osborne shared his fears that the situation might be made worse by rain.

The rain may have softened the biscuits, but it failed to dampen the town's affection for them, with one person even vowing dedicate their upcoming 10K run to the fallen chocolate bikkies.

Those affected by the disaster came forward, including the original "shrine-makers," and someone who had it all happen on her doorstep.

Eventually the chief mourner Rachel Wisniewski - aka the person who actually dropped the biscuits in the first place - came forward.

However, while everyone was busy extending their condolences, no one thought to ask her why she didn't just pick her rubbish up.

Is it a case of RIP Leamington Digestives or more RIP manners?