WATCH: So This University Challenge Team Epically Failed The Pop Music Round...

9 August 2016, 16:39 | Updated: 9 August 2016, 16:42

Oxford Students University Challenge Fail

The brain boxes got a public roasting on Twitter after failing to recognise the likes of The Cure and The Clash.

University Challenge sent people reeling last night after Oxford University students failed to recognise The Cure or The Clash in the popular music round.

The team from Oriel College made it to the bonus section of the music round, before monumentally crashing and burning in the most epic manner.

Watch them in action below: 

Despite mistaking The Cure's Close To Me for Modest Mouse and completely failing to provide an answer for The Clash's Rudie Can't Fail, the clever clogs thought they'd clawed back some dignity by guessing Wham! when they heard the opening lyrics to Faith.

However, the answer turned out to be George Michael.

If that wasn't bad enough, the team captain - who looked like he might at least have held a guitar once in his life - wrongly identified Bo Diddley as Cole Porter, and... well... Jeremy Paxman's response says it all.

Since us mere mortals barely get any correct answers when we're watching the brainy quiz show, it's fair to assume most people revelled in the team's failings.  

And they didn't hold back, either: 

And if this picture is to be believed, even their fellow scholars at Oriel got in on the act.


We think it's safe to say for one solitary minute, we all felt very clever watching University Challenge. 

In fact, this tweet is all of us: 

Photo: Twitter/BBC/University Challenge