WATCH: Linkin Park Share Chester Bennington Clip & Carpool Karaoke Date

9 October 2017, 11:29 | Updated: 9 October 2017, 17:33

The band have released more footage of their late frontman, as they confirm their episode of James Corden's segment will air this week.

Linkin Park have shared another video of their late singer, Chester Bennington, who lost his life to suicide.

The Crawlin' singer tragically died aged just 41 on 20 July, and his friends and family have been sharing footage of him to celebrate his memory every since. 

Watch the video above.

The latest clip sees Bennington attempt a co-ordination game, and joke around with what appears to be a crew member. 

The band previously told fans that they were going through old footage of their frontman, writing: "Cherishing all the times Chester made us laugh. Taking a look back at some of our favorite LPTV moments."

Meanwhile, the band have confirmed that their Carpool Karaoke will be aired on Thursday (12 October), and will be free to watch on their Facebook Page. 

Their Chester Bennington tribute concert also is set to take place on 27 October at the Hollywood Bowl, with the likes of Blink-182, Avenged Sevenfold members, and several members of System of a Down performing. 

Also in the line-up will be Korn frontman Jon Davies and guitarist Brian Welch, who revealed he would attend after the band forgave him for his initial comments surrounding Bennington's suicide. 

He explained in an Instagram post: "When I heard the news about our friend Chester Bennington I was so sad, hurt and angry. In my shock and confusion I didn’t know how to process my feelings correctly. I spoke out from a broken heart and I want to thank the LP camp, and all of my friends and fans for the forgiveness, understanding and grace that was extended to me. I am honored to celebrate Chester's life with our boys in LP, their fans, and many of my friends and colleagues in the music industry. @linkinpark @chesterbe#celebratelife".

Watch Chester Bennington's stunning isolated vocals on numb:

Credit: Twitter/Linkin Park