WATCH: Inhaler share Falling In video made in isolation

30 May 2020, 20:00 | Updated: 19 July 2021, 15:03

Watch the Dublin band's colourful new visuals, which have been created from isolation during lockdown measures.

Inhaler have released the video for their new Falling In single.

The Dublin four piece - comprised of frontman Elijah Hewson, guitarist Josh Jenkinson, bassist Rob Keating and drummer Ryan McMahon - have shared the visuals for the next cut to come from their forthcoming debut album.

Watch the video, which was directed by Douglas Hart and Anthony Genn, above.

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Elijah Hewson in Inhaler's Fallin In video
Elijah Hewson in Inhaler's Fallin In video. Picture: YouTube/Inhaler

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Speaking about the single Inhaler revealed it's about the battles they have with their own ego.

“I think being a young band on tour,” said Hewson, “and seeing our music connect with audiences from different parts of the world has opened our eyes to the excitement and exhilaration of life and being up on stage and feeling wanted and loved can be a very powerful drug. We are just beginning to encounter our own egos and becoming aware that allowing it to be in charge of who you are can be your downfall.

"You can cut yourself on its sharp edges and bleed to death if you’re not careful. We want to meet our egos head on, shake their hands and give them a hug. We are not afraid of them… we know we need each other. Your ego can be your friend, but you need your mates to make sure it doesn’t boss you around."

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Elijah Hewson is one of the stars who've lent his voice Radio X's Phone Covers.

It's easy to feel down and disconnected as festivals and music events continue to be cancelled due to the coronavirus, but here at Radio X, we're committed to still enjoying and experiencing music however we can.

Artists like Hewson are proving across the world that real talent needs no bells or whistles. Just a voice, a couple of instruments, and a smartphone.

Watch his stunning rendition of Mazzy Star's Fade Into You here:

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