The Black Keys: Noel Gallagher called Kasabian "lad rock" at Glastonbury

13 May 2022, 15:49 | Updated: 13 May 2022, 17:34

By Jenny Mensah

The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney told Radio X about recalled his memories of Glastonbury 2014, where he was backstage with the former Oasis rocker.

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The Black Keys have revealed how Noel Gallagher once referred to Kasabian as "lad rock".

Patrick Carney chatted to Radio X's Rich Wolfenden about their new music and if they're planning to play live dates in the UK soon.

Asked about Glastonbury in particular, the drummer recalled: "... We played the Pyramid stage in 2014 right before Kasabian.

"That was the biggest show we've ever played, our second biggest show.... But it's a fun crowd. It's just, it's very intimidating to look at that many people.

"The backstage is just as intimidating as on stage because he's got like legends like Noel Gallagher running around."

Sharing a tidbit of gossip from their interaction, the percussionist added: "He called Kasabian 'Lad Rock' and I didn't know what that meant.

"I guess if they're lad rock, then we're Dad rock."

It's unclear if Noel made the remarks in a disparaging way, but it's clearly stuck with the drummer eight years later.

Watch our full interview with Patrick Carney above.

Noel Gallagher, The Black Keys Patrick Carney and Kasabian frontman Serge Pizzorno
Noel Gallagher, The Black Keys Patrick Carney and Kasabian frontman Serge Pizzorno. Picture: 1. 2. 3.

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When it came to the subject of whether the duo - who is completed by guitarist and frontman Dan Auerbach - will be playing on this side of the pond this year, fans might just have to wait a little longer.

"Nothing's booked," he Carney admitted. "We're just figuring out what we're going to do. Yeah. OK, it's going to be festivals or we're going to do shows or something."

Despite that, fans have their brand new album Dropout Boogie, to keep them entertained, which Carney says is a mix of a few of their previous records.

He told Radio X: "I think the record's kind of representative of of a few different sounds, two different albums we've made over the years.

"I guess there's just parts of it that are a lot of Brothers, and then there's parts of it that kind of actually remind me of even the first record [The Big Come Up]."

The Black Keys' Dropout Boogie album is out now.

Stream it here:

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