The Pogues' Shane MacGowan reacts to Jon Bon Jovi's cover of Fairytale of New York

12 December 2020, 18:00

The Pogues' Shane MacGowan and Jon Bon Jovi
The Pogues' Shane MacGowan and Jon Bon Jovi. Picture: 1. Tristan Fewings/Getty Images/ Getty 2. ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

The Pogues frontman's wife took to Twitter to share what he thought of the rocker's interpretation of the classic Christmas song.

Shane MacGowan has reacted to a controversial cover of The Pogues' Fairytale of New York by Jon Bon Jovi.

The Livin' On A Prayer rocker ruffled a few feathers on Monday (7 December) Jon Bon Jovi when he unveiled the "early holiday gift" for his fans, releasing a festive collection called A Bon Jovi Christmas.

In a trio of covers was included his version Fairytale of New York, which swapped out the original lyrics for the likes of: "You’re a squirrel ‘cause you’re nuts / You’re a kick in the gut..."

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The rendition has been slated by many online, with many calling it "terrible" and music fans taking to the video to give it a whopping 1.7k dislikes so far.

However, according to Shane MacGowan's wife Victoria Mary: "Shane says @BonJovi is a talented guy and he likes the version and he thinks it’s interesting and soulful".

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The tweet comes in stark contrast to The Pogues themselves, who seem to suggest the rendition is awful by retweeting the sentiments of Irish musician Rob Smith, while adding: "What Rob said".

The star didn't hold pull his punches, writing: "I have heard Bon Jovi’s cover of Fairytale Of New York. It’s the worst thing to ever happen music, and I am including both the murder of John Lennon and Brian McFadden’s solo career in there.

"This is worse!"


Some of the other responses haven't been much better, with one music fan writing under the YouTube video: "More rotten than Shane's old smile."

Another wrote: "More rotten than Shane's old smile."

The comments on Twitter weren't much better either.

It's not the only time The Pogues have let their feelings known about their song recently, seeming to weigh in on a debate about its censored lyrics.

Last month it was announced that some radio stations would be playing a censored version of the hit this year and opinion was divided as ever.

One of the most prominent voices in the debate was Laurence Fox, who wrote: "Here we go again. The cultural commissars [...] are telling you what is and isn’t appropriate for your ignorant little ears. Wouldn’t it be nice if we sent the (proper) version to the top of the charts?"

However, taking on what is believed to be their official Twitter account, the band made their feelings for the actor plain, writing: "F*** off you little herrenvolk s***e".

The band went on to retweet others who found the move more positive and slammed those who were complaining.

They retweeted one commenter who said: "This is all I’m gonna say on it for the whole year: the word itself being in Fairytale Of New York doesn’t bother or offend me, but straight people being so angry & outraged at its removal and literally fighting and arguing for the right to sing it bothers me deeply".

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