Sam Ryder went on booze ban ahead of Eurovision 2022 performance

16 May 2022, 12:34

By Jenny Mensah

The Eurovision star revealed to Chris Moyles how he stopped drinking the moment it was announced that he would be representing the UK with his Space Man single.

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Sam Ryder stopped drinking alcohol ahead of Eurovision 2022.

The singer-songwriter made history this weekend by placing second in the contest, marking the first time the UK has made it to the Top 3 of the table in 20 years.

Now, fresh from his remarkable achievement, he spoke to The Chris Moyles Show about what he did in the lead up to the event and how he celebrated afterwards.

Asked if he drank, the Essex singer told Chris Moyles: "I didn’t drink whatsoever. Since it was made public that we were doing it, I was just like laser-focused, bed early, salads.

"Because I knew that, I don’t know, I wanted to make sure that on May 15th, when it was all done, I could look back and be like 'I did everything'."

Sam Ryder talks his Eurovision success
Sam Ryder talks his Eurovision success. Picture: Jens Büttner/dpa/Alamy Live News /Radio X

However, Sam admitted he did manage to treat himself straight after his performance, breaking his alcohol ban with some sparkling wine on the table. Though it looks like there's no expense spared on the night, he did share the bottle of bubbly each participating country drinks on their tables is "naff sparkling wine".

"I did have a few on Saturday night… That’s why I sound like I’m gargling a hammer."

Revealing how he broke his ban, he added: "Naff sparkling wine! Absolutely naff. [...] I was so tired. Honestly the tiredness hit me. I think I had two negronis after and I was absolutely just ready for bed.

"You know when your body shuts… it doesn’t shut down but it knows when the job’s done? [...] But it was so rewarding."

If the night wasn't unbelievable enough, Sam went on to describe how he was invited back to a party in host Mika's dressing room and his grandad ended up being on a FaceTime call with them both.

"Right after the show, Mika is having this little party in his dressing room," he recalled. "He’s not drinking sparkling wine by the way, they’ve got the good stuff, and I FaceTimed my grandad and all of a sudden my grandad is on FaceTime, just chatting with Mika. And my grandad’s like, 'Where’s the camera button?' looks like he’s all aggy trying to work out the phone, Mika’s there smiling his head off!:

Remind yourself of Sam's epic Eurovision performance below:

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