Robbie Williams has written a song with Shaun Ryder

6 October 2020, 12:44 | Updated: 6 October 2020, 12:53

Robbie Williams and Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder
Robbie Williams has revealed he's worked with the Happy Mondays legend. Picture: 1. David Parry/PA Wire/PA Images 2. Alberto Pezzali/NurPhoto via Getty Image

The Angels singer has revealed he's penned a track with the Happy Mondays and Black Grape legend.

Robbie Williams and Shaun Ryder have co-written a track together.

The Angels singer appeared on The Adam Buxton podcast where he talked about working with the Happy Mondays frontman.

"Me and him have done a song together," he revealed. "Quite often I try and channel Shaun Ryder when I’m writing songs.

"The song will emerge, plans change all the time, but hopefully some time in the spring."

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Music isn't the only thing the pair have in common, however, as they've bonded over their belief of extraterrestrial life and specifically UFOs.

Referring to Shaun's 2013 series Shaun Ryder On UFOs - which saw him travel around the world in search of the truth about spacecraft - Robbie said: “I saw bits of Shaun’s UFO show, I’ve spoke to Shaun about it.

"Shaun told me, ‘Right, it was just by a tree in front of me. They come all the time Rob,’"

Talking about his own plans to investigate UFO sightings further, he mused: “It is thrilling to see those things, it will become God willing if I get to stay alive for another 25 years, a quest that I go on for a TV show or something like that, where I go and examine my own experiences.

"It may be mental illness or it may be that there’s something to it."

He added "What I do think, is this. I think something is up, that’s what I think, I think something’s up.“I read everything to do with conspiracies, with UFOs, with Big Foot, with ghosts, with ghouls, with absolutely everything, folklore, myth... I don’t believe anything other than something is up."

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Shaun Ryder isn't the only Manchester star that Robbie Williams admires.

This year, he's had a lot of good things to say about Liam Gallagher and declared his For What It's Worth single was the best song of 2017.

Speaking on Chris Thrall's Bought the T-Shirt podcast about why the former Oasis frontman's solo career is so successful, he explained: "The thing about Liam is, whatever he did, if he got every aspect of it right, people want more of him and that's the truth."

He added: "Because he's an incredible personality, he's got loads of charisma, he behaves in a way that you would like to behave given the chance of being a rock star. He is fulfilling your dream and he's doing it excellently and always has".

"He's now got handfuls of great songs in his solo career," he declared. "For What It's Worth is a song that he wrote off the last album. I think it's the best song of that year."

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