Does Miles Kane Appear On The New Arctic Monkeys Album?

17 April 2018, 17:20 | Updated: 9 May 2018, 11:32

Here’s the answer from the man himself. PLUS, what does the name of his new album Coup De Grace mean?

As you know, Miles Kane is a big pal of Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. So when the Merseyside musician spoke to Radio X’s Gordon Smart, it was only right and proper for our man to ask the question on everyone’s lips concerning the Sheffield band’s imminent new LP…

Does Miles Kane appear on the new Arctic Monkeys album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino?

“Nope,” laughed Miles.

Ah, but would he be appearing live on stage with Arctic Monkeys at any point soon, now that the band have confirmed a UK tour for September 2018?

“Who knows?” says a non-committal Miles, but he assured Radio X that the new album is something to look forward to: “It’s great, you’re gonna love it.”

Miles Kane was at Radio X to unveil his brand new single Loaded, recorded with the help of Jamie T and Lana Del Rey, which teases a new album, Coup De Grace, due later this summer.

Miles explained the title by explaining it means “the final blow” and has an unusual inspiration:

“I’m a massive wrestling fan, and my favourite wrestler, Finn Balor, it’s his finisher, called the Coup De Grace.

“The chorus of the song started off as a kind of joke. When I did that song Inhaler, I didn’t have a chorus, and when we were jamming it, I just shouted ‘inhaler!’.

“It’s the equivalent of that now. It’s quite a serious title, but largely it’s to do with my favourite wrestler’s finisher.”

And here it is for all you wrestling fans: