Dita Von Teese addresses abuse allegations against ex-husband Marilyn Manson

4 February 2021, 10:50 | Updated: 4 February 2021, 11:21

Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival
Dita Von Teese and Marilyn Manson at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. Picture: Toni Anne Barson/WireImage/Getty

By Jenny Mensah

The burlesque icon, who was with Marilyn Manson for seven years, has broken her silence on the allegations made against him.

Dita Von Teese has spoken out following the abuse allegations made against her ex-husband Marilyn Manson.

The famous burlesque star - whose real name is Heather Renée Sweet - dated Manson for seven years and was married to him from 2005-2006.

On Monday (1 February) Evan Rachel Wood at least four other women made claims of abuse against the 52-year-old musician, and now Von Teese has broken her silence on the matter in an official statement made on social media.

Taking to Instagram, she began: "I have been processing the news that broke Monday regarding Marilyn Manson.

"To those who have expressed your concerns of my well-being, I appreciate your kindness.

"Please know that the details made public do not match my personal experience during our 7 years together as a couple. Had they, I would not have married him in December 2005. I left 112 months later due to infidelity and drug abuse."

The 48-year-old added: "Abuse of any kind has no place in any relationship.

"I urge those of you who have incurred abuse to take steps to heal and the strength to fully realize yourself".

The model and entrepreneur concluded: "This is my sole statement in this matter.

"Thank you for respecting this request."

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Von Teese's statement comes after Manson's ex Rose McGowan spoke out earlier this week.

The Charmed star was engaged to Manson for two years, but the pair separated in 2001.

Taking to Instagram, she captioned a video with a statement, which read: "I am profoundly sorry to those who have suffered the abuse & mental torture of Marilyn Manson. When I say Hollywood is a cult, I mean the Entertainment industry including the music industry is a cult. Cult’s protect the rot at the top. Theirs is a sickness that must be stopped. The industrial fame complex chooses who they protect & who they’ll let be their victims. For profit."

The 47-year-old added: "I stand with Evan Rachel Wood and all of those who have or will come forward. And please don’t pull out the ‘why did they take so much time to come forward?’ question that shames victims/survivors, it’s what stops others from coming forward. And to all of those who have covered for monsters, shame on you. Rise and say no more."

In the video itself McGowan revealed she did not suffer abuse or maltreatment at Manson's hands, but added her own experience had "no bearing" on the allegations.

“When he was with me, he was not like that,” she said. "But that has no bearing on whether he was like that with others, before or after."

She added: "It takes time to come forward and, again, I am proud – proud of these women and anybody who stands against an abuser".

McGowan's and Von Teese's words come after the allegations of Evan Rachel Wood and several others hit the headlines this week.

The Westworld actress wrote on Instagram: The name of my abuser is Brian Warner, also known to the world as Marilyn Manson.

"He started grooming me when I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years.

"I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission.

I am done living in fear of retaliation, slander or blackmail.

"I am here to expose this dangerous man and call out the many industries that have enabled him, before he ruins any more lies.

"I stand with the many victims who will no longer be silent."

Evan Rachel Wood previously testified to Congress about sexual, domestic abuse which she suffered at the hands of an ex-partner, who at the time she had not named.

She spoke as part of an effort to get the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act implemented in all 50 states.

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Marilyn Manson has denied the claims, calling them "horrible distortions of reality" and adding that his relationships "have always been entirely consensual".

See his full statement below:

Manson has been dropped from his record label Loma Vista and removed from various TV projects including American Gods and Creepshow.

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